We understand. Simple as that. We understand life has ups and downs, we understand kids will be kids, spilled milk does happen and sometimes we do cry over it. No matter the situation, we’re here for one another as Jesus Christ desires us to be.

Dress code. We don’t have one. God is with us no matter how we dress, so why should we feel different in church? Come in shorts and t-shirt, jeans and sweatshirt, or 3-piece suit; however you feel like dressing is great.

Our church service starts @ 10:30am with live music (Praise and Worship), followed by the sermon delivered by Pastor Jeremy Lightsey. If you have children (ages 0 to 11 years old) arrive a few minutes early to sign them in to kids class. Some people say kids learn through playing and having fun. We agree! For the kids, everything from the songs they sing to the message they learn are designed for their level of understanding, growth, and fun.

CrossLife church currently resides in a store-front location on Galm Road, just past FM 1560 and Shaenfield Road on the outskirts of Helotes and San Antonio. Parking is found in-front of, and to the side of the church building. After parking, enter through the front door where you will be greeted by church members. Once inside feel free to sit wherever you’d like. After service many people choose to stick around and talk with others (“fellowship”) about what’s been happening over the past week in their life.

We look forward to meeting you!

San Antonio is home to CrossLife, a Bible-based nondenominational Christ-centered church living and teaching God's saving Grace.